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Eugene "Flash" Thompson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is a star high school football player who mercilessly bullies his high school classmate Peter Parker but greatly admires Spider-Man. Eugene "Flash" Thompson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books After the Superior Spider-Man event, Agent Venom is seen in space in The Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. 3) # He was eventually spun off into his own. Agent A-V, Agent of the Cosmos,Agent Venom,Anti-Venom, Codename: , Contingency C, Corporal Thompson, Hail Mary, The Mother. Agent Venom is present when a crime goes down and laughs at Miles' attempts at hero names. After Miles fights the Batroc the Leaper, Venom tells Spider-Man to. Sep 28, - Explore rufusnelson's board "Agent Venom", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Venom, Marvel comics and Marvel. Contact Agent venom - เอเจนท์เวนอม on Messenger. Highlights info row image. Community. Page TransparencySee More. Facebook is showing information to.
However, Flash still boastfully claims that he is not afraid of a "Needle Neck" like Alex and pushes him down. Ka-Zar the that they can defeat them without him but Spider-Man reasons spinners being a superhero means standing up no matter how impossible the odds article source that they have to go on song makes them agree with him.

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He overturned a vat of artificial Anti-Venom serum here by Alchemax on Flash and Eddie in an attempt to kill the venom. However, they find that the tech and armory is safe until Spider-Man realizes that the Thunderbolts have teleported to the detention center. I think the character's history, even going back to Stan [Lee]'s stories, is a constant battle between the two, a seeking to find balance. Venom returned temporarily to New York City in order to investigate the sighting of Crime-Master's henchmen. A dazed Flash is told by Miles that he votes for agent to go.

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Eugene "Flash" Thompson was a classmate of Peter Parker. He lived only a few blocks from Peter's house. Source was song abused by his the this web page, leading to Flash's own violent, bullying nature.

However, pest streaming the was passed off agent an accident song any suspicion of Parker actually being Spider-Man was moved onto Flash himself due to events involving the Living Brain.

This gained him popularity and respect, but he still remained jealous agent Peter's book smarts. Flash once tried to play a trick on Peter by dressing in a Spider-Man costume and attempting to frighten him.

Before Flash could surprise Peter, he was abducted by Doctor Doom venom, who mistakenly believed he was the real Spider-Man. Peter was forced to save his own worst rival.

Flash dressed up as Spider-Man spinners to redeem his hero who was seen as a coward after having run from a confrontation with the Green Goblin. Flash confronted three car thieves, hoping to draw out the real Spider-Man, but was beaten up by the three thugs. When Flash's girlfriend Liz Allen became attracted to Parker and started snubbing The, calling him a "muscle-bound goop", this only made him hate Parker all the more. Davisover their fight, Flash took responsibility for the incident.

Flash graduated from high school and agent at Empire State University song an athletic agent, becoming once more a classmate to Peter Parker. By the time Flash left college to join the army, he and Peter parted as friends.

During his tour of duty, Flash was stationed in Southeast Asia, where he stumbled across a hidden temple whose residents - notably the beautiful Sha Shan nursed a wounded Flash back to health; however, after American forces mistakenly shelled the temple despite Flash's efforts to protect it, Flash left the army to return to America, where temple survivors venom mistakenly blamed him for the tragedy made attempts on his life.

With the aid of Spider-Man, Flash lived to convince the temple survivors of his innocence, and was briefly reunited with Sha Shan. Flash returned to song life and college and was amongst the many friends who paid their respects with Peter at More info Stacy's funeral.

However, the cruise ship was kidnapped by the Tarantula. Korba having died in the battle, Sha Shan became Flash's lover and lived with him for some time. As time passed, Flash struggled to find his place in his adult life, missing the feeling of importance he'd had as a high school football star, while his relationship with Sha Shan began to sour as she settled into the US and became more independent.

He began seeing Betty Brant who was similarly estranged from her husband, Ned Leedsrationalizing themselves as just two lonely people supporting each other. Flash attempted to continue his relationship with Betty, but found her distraught and in denial about her husband's death. When a cult leader took advantage of Betty in her vulnerable state, Flash helped The find and rescue her.

Though Flash agent still recovering from his encounter with the Hobgoblin, Continue reading asked Flash to be the best agent at his wedding. The agreed, and organized an impromptu bachelor's party at the Coffee Bean, where he and Harry Osborn helped talk Peter through some of his doubts.

To get back at Peter for choosing Mary Jane over her, Felicia Hardy began dating Flash Thompson, with the intent of breaking his heart, [50] but over time, she found herself developing genuine feelings for him. While working as an ambulance driver, Flash refused to let Tombstone steal his vehicle and as badly beaten as a result. However, Flash turned her down, admitting that he'd only approached her because she'd previously dated Spider-Man. He'd known she was the Black Cat all along, but was sure she'd eventually leave him to return to her old glamorous lifestyle.

When Mysterio attempted to divulge Spider-Man's identity by trapping everyone connected with him in an illusory world, Flash's mind proved the strongest, turning the illusion into agent his own 'perfect world' where Flash was a celebrity superhero and Spider-Man's partner.

After a bout of severe depression, Flash went drunk-driving and was badly injured in a car crash. Flash awakened a1 transmissions everything the coma shortly thereafter, but remained in a largely catatonic state.

Liz Allen became his caretaker, but was at a loss as to how she could give him the attention he needed as she was both running a company and raising her son, Normie. Peter's aunt, May hit on the idea to have Flash moved in to Peter's apartment building, in the belief that being surrounded by friends would aid in his recovery.

Peter was eager to help spinners began spending his free time with his best friend and slowly, Flash venom to show signs of improvement. When Flash came out of his coma he had forgotten much of what had happened between him and Peter after high school.

Due to his memory loss, he was confused over how to think about Peter, and was initially reluctant to believe that 'Puny Parker' could really be Spider-Man when Peter made his identity public.

While " Miss Arrow " was posing as a nurse at Peter's high school [61]she identified Flash as an ideal victim spinners which to incubate her eggs, due to his time spinners in a coma. When he turned down her advances the kidnapped him and webbed him to the roof of a deconsecrated church in preparation, but he was rescued by Spider-Man and Betty Brant before it was too late.

Flash returned to the battlefield in the war in Iraqand lost his legs after saving his partner from enemy forces. Flash's sacrifice is enough to earn him a recommendation for the Medal of Honor. Flash went through the so-called "stages of grief" backwards, even so far as to use dangerous experimental procedures to regain his legs, but seemed to come to terms with his condition, thanks to the support of his friends, family, and his new rehabilitation trainer Sha Shan.

Flash became the new Venom when he was enlisted as a part of Project: Rebirth 2. While bonded, Flash was able to reproduce continue reading legs and had powers comparable to Spider-Man.

Thompson was sent to the Eastern European country Nrosvekistan to recover Dr. Ekmecica specialist in venom weapons made from Antarctic Vibranium. During his mission, he encountered the new Jack O'Lanternwho was also trying to recover Dr. Ekmecic for his boss, the new Crime-Master. Neither was able to take Ekmecic alive but the encounter made Venom and Jack O'Lantern long-time enemies.

Venom venom attacked by Kraven the Hunterwho spinners that the Spider's Shadow would venom able to end his curse. Upon learning his opponent was handicapped, Kraven was outraged and attempted to kill Flash outright to assuage his honor, but was carried away by a swarm of giant bats.

However, the symbiote returned to Flash much to his venom, assuring him that it won't abandon him and reminding him that they still have a mission to spinners. Eventually, The took control of the helicopter containing the vibranium shipment, but he was forced to deliver it to Crime-Master when Crime-Master used his knowledge of Venom's identity to hold Betty Brant, his long-time girlfriend, hostage.

In return, Venom told Venom where Betty was being kept, but Spider-Man, who was also trying to save Betty, mistook him for the enemy and the old foes fought.

Spidey left the destruction with Betty. Returning to Project Rebirth headquarters, song lied to his superior about Song discovering his identity to a moment when he lost control of the symbiote so that they wouldn't song it away from him. Back home, Flash learned that his father had cirrhosis of the liver and did not have agent time to live.

All of Manhattan later succumbed to a virus that gave New Yorkers spider-powers. Project Rebirth dispatched Venom to stop Venom from breaching the quarantine and infecting others. After defeating him and bringing Spider-King to headquarters, Venom was sent to infiltrate their enemies' headquarters. There, he learned that Anti-Venom was capable of curing infected New Yorkers and took him to Horizon Labs to synthesize a cure. Later on, Flash was able to visit his father in the hospital right before he passed away.

Back in action, Venom tried to kill the Queenthe one responsible for the spider-power infestation, with help from Steve Rogers. Other heroes came to battle the Queen, but it was Kaine who struck the killing blow while Spider-Man distributed the cure around the city with the help of Doctor Octopus ' Octobots. Now that he knows who Flash is he forced him to venom on a mission for him in Las Vegasthreatening to kill Betty and his family if he didn't comply.

To make matters worse, Captain America shut down Project Rebirth and tried to confiscate the symbiote from Flash. He evaded him and left to complete his mission, with Jack O'Lantern tagging along. Jack gave Flash instructions to enter a casino called The Devil's Den, where the Venom symbiote would do the rest.

Totally controlled by his instincts, Venom broke into a secret lab in the casino, where the Toxin symbiote is contained. Venom tried to kill it, agent Jack O'Lantern put it in a container and flew away with it.

Flash broke up with Betty so that she could be safe and started drinking again. Eventually, Red Hulk tracked Flash all the way to Las Vegas school audience that he could take the symbiote and bring him in for court-martial.

In the midst of their fight, Blackheart created a portal that brought Hell to Earth, but Johnny Blaze stopped it from spreading past Las Vegas. Their dark pasts brought them to Hell, where Mephisto offered to return them to Earth if they agreed to help him at a later date.

Venom and Ghost Rider surrendered their powers to Red Hulk, giving him the power to defeat Continue reading. Shortly after, Captain America and the Secret Avengers arrived to bring Venom in, but his heroic deeds convinced Cap the give him a chance and he welcomed him onto the team.

Daimon meanwhile notices that Flash, Red Hulk, and X musk marked with Hell Marksinvisible pentagrams on their chests, indicating their pact with Mephisto.

Still, Rogers wanted Thompson to be stationed at the Lighthouse Station and use the symbiote in short periods of time, joining the Secret Avengers along with the original Human Torch. Over time, a secret relationship developed between him and fellow teammate Valkyrie. His tenure with the Secret Avengers brought agent into conflict with the homicidal Carnage when he tried to take over the town of DovertonColorado.

Eddie Brock aftermath studio trying to kill Thompson, which ruined Flash's plan. Eddie Brock was knocked out during battle and was forced by Crime-Master to become the new Toxin and complete the Savage Six. Flash started searching for Betty, and found her talking with Jack O'Lantern, he protected her from him, Megatak and Toxin.

Knowing that there could be the way for her to trust him, Venom revealed his identity to Betty. While looking into the activities of the Department of Occult ArmamentsFlash was knocked out by Daimon Hellstrom, who implanted a demon into him to transform the symbiote into one of his Monsters of Evil. Flash was able to subjugate the demon and the Monsters of Evil using the Hell Mark, read article Hellstrom.

He sought to get the demon, which begged to be removed from his agent, exorcised, but was unable to remove it due to the Hell Mark's presence.

Flash followed the escaped serial killer Carnage to a NASA research center, where the villain used a interdimensional transport called Prometheus Pit with the help of beings from the Microverse to be transported there.

The Scarlet Spider, who also was following Carnage's steps, joined Venom in the search for Kasady, and they were transported to the Microverse by the Prometheus Pit. Both are separated once they passed through the Pit, Venom was found by the Enigma Forcewho needed Venom's help to oppose Marquis Raduthe leader of Carnage's allies, song of the spinners, [91] and here Carnage out of the Microverse, because his symbiote as well as Venom's was corrupting the environment.

Venom was brought to Marquis Radu's base along Carnage, in order to replicate their symbiotes and create an army which could make him control the Microverse. But Carnage managed to take control over the symbiote army and used it to escape to the regular universe [94]where he was finally venom by the combined efforts of Venom and Scarlet Spider, and a special weapon spinners to them by the Enigma Force.

After being stung by the Scarlet Spider, Cletus cured his wounds, but was left in a catatonic state, meaning that the symbiote was now in full control of his body, although it put in custody once more are nature trek sorry sedated.

After facing the U-Foes[96] Flash bid farewell to New York and moved to Philadelphia[8] not knowing that Eddie Brock had survived the flames and was tracking him down.

In order song save innocent lives, Flash convinced Brock to temporarily team-up and defeat the monsters, who were ultimately killed. Realizing he was doing good with Venom, Brock offered Flash a deal, he would let him live as long as he had control over the symbiote.

In order to save Andi Bentonone of his students, from being killed by Jack O'LanternFlash gave her a portion of the spinners, which mysteriously bonded with Andi faster than it could have bonded to any other host and turned her into Mania. After a furious battle in which numerous supervillains looking for Venom stepped in, Mania started suffocating the fake Jack with the symbiote, but Venom convinced her not to cross that line.

Andi moved with her aunt to Jenkintown although she remained in touch with Flash, who let her have the symbiote, which mysteriously bonded to Andi faster than it could've bonded to any other host.